Handpresso and car manufacturers

The portable espresso concept, created by Handpresso in 2008, illustrates the wish to drink a good espresso everywhere, mainly outdoors. With the first high-end 12v coffee maker launched in 2012, Handpresso extended the range of possibilities by offering electric car coffee makers for onboard coffees. A market that has generated partnerships with the largest car manufacturers.

Handpresso portable coffee makers

It was at the 2012 Paris Motor Show that car manufacturers saw the first genuine car espresso machine "made in France by Handpresso". Like all the Handpresso 12-volt car coffee makers in the range, it plugs into the cigarette lighter, fits into the cup holder and boasts slender lines and a neat design.

- Handpresso Auto was born, preparing a real espresso with standard espresso pods (E.S.E.) and ground coffee.

Since then, the range of 12-volt coffee makers has been extended with many accessories (full bagscoffee and sector adapters ...) and two main models:

- Handcoffee Auto, a 12v Senseo coffeemaker for long coffee launched in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, also available as a 24v coffee maker for trucks.

- Handpresso Auto Capsule, portable Nespresso®* coffee maker for Nespresso®* and Nespresso® compatible capsules.

Working with prestigious car manufacturers is a sign of recognition for Handpresso. These partnerships certify the quality of Handpresso various car coffee makers. Indeed, before any validation, the elegant and powerful 12-volt coffeemakers are submitted to a huge series of technical and ergonomic tests (user experience ...)

Car manufacturers at the core of Handpresso's business 

It all started with FIAT. In partnership with Lavazza, Handpresso designed a branded FIAT 12-volt coffee maker using Lavazza's AModoMio capsules. It was introduced as an integrated option in the new FIAT 500L, 500L Trekking and 500L Living.

In the same way, Handpresso developed with Lavazza an espresso machine for IVECO that could be integrated into the top-of-the-range STRALIS truck models.

Currently, the official partnerships with major car manufacturers are the following Handpresso is AUDI’s official supplier with a 12v coffee maker for Nespresso® capsules branded AUDI and called Espresso Mobil. It comes in a bag bearing the logo of the manufacturer and is available as an accessory for all cars in the range.

Handpresso is Volkswagen’s official supplier. Handpresso Auto Set, the Handpresso bag including the 12v coffee maker for standard espresso pods (E.S.E.) is an accessory for all VW car models.

The Handpresso Auto E.S.E. is also available in the Seat Accessories catalog and as an accessory for the new SKODA Superb.

For Suzuki, Handpresso designed a car espresso machine (Handpresso Auto E.S.E.) in the Sergio Cellano brand colors. This portable 12v coffee maker was offered whenever a Suzuki car was purchased in Switzerland.

Nissan offers the new Handpresso Auto Capsule Set, a bag including the elegant 12 volt Nespresso®* compatible coffee maker as an accessory available for all its models,

Handpresso has also fitted Tesla repair trucks with the Handcoffee Auto in the United States and the Handpresso Auto Capsule in other countries.


New prospects in the truck

The door is now open to partnerships in the truck business. 24v trucks are the target of the Handcoffee Truck, a 24-volt coffee maker that allows drivers to prepare a long coffee onboard without leaving the truck.

Handpresso Auto Capsule, which plugs into 12/24v cigarette lighters is also an option for road professionals who love espressos.

Whether 12 or 24v, Handpresso is the specialist of car coffee makers and is pursuing its development in this fast-growing area.


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