Handcoffee Truck 24V

Coffee machine for trucks


The Handcoffee Truck 21010 is the new 24v coffee maker for the truck preparing long coffees on board.

New model : easy water filling system !

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What are the improvements of the new Handcoffee Truck 21010 ?

The filling system of the Handcoffee has been improved for an optimal experience in your truck.

You can choose from the multitude of Senseo®* compatible soft pods and switch from long coffee to cappuccino and macchiato. All without getting out of your truck!

What is Handcoffee Truck 21010 ?

The new ⁠⁠Handcoffee Truck 21010 is a coffee machine for trucks making long coffees on board: a creamy and nicely hot Senseo®- type coffee.

Whether long or short, with Handcoffee Truck, you drink the coffee you like. 

In your truck, you can stop on the road or on a mortorway rest area to enjoy a coffee as creamy as with your home coffee maker.

It plugs into the 24 volt plug of your car and sits in the cup-holder.  

The special features of your 24v coffee maker for trucks

  • Coffee: short (80ml) or long (110ml)
  • coffee format:  Senseo®* ompatible pods
  • Pressure : 2 bar
  • Power supply: (24v) cigarette-lighter plug
  • Preparation time : 4 minutes for 80ml

What is new about your 24v coffee maker for trucks?

You can choose a variety of different Senseo®* compatible soft pods and drink either a long coffee, a cappuccino or a macchiato. All this without leaving your truck! 

* A third-party trademark with no connection with Handpresso SAS.

Non-contractual photos, pods, capsules and cups not included, for illustration purposes only.
Type of coffeeCoffee 80 - 110 ml
Coffee formatSoft pods Senseo® compatible
Water reservoir capacity80 ml or 110 ml
Pressure2 bar
Cycle4 minutes
Size22,5 x 9,5 x 9,5cm
Weight820 g
Voltage24 V DC
Power140 Watt
Warranty2 years
SubnameCoffee machine for trucks

How to use your coffee machine in the truck?

1-  Connect the machine to the 24v cigarette lighter socket

2- Add your (cold) water with the help of the filling indicators, then place the soft pod of your choice (Senseo® type*)

3- Press the power button

4- The machine heats for 4 minutes for a 80ml coffee

5- After the 3 beeps, turn the machine over and press the cup button

6- Press the cup button again to switch off after the coffee has run out

7- Enjoy your creamy coffee and take a break on the roadside or at the motorway service area


How long does it take to prepare your coffee in a truck?

Once the machine is filled with mineral or tap water, all you have to do is wait 4 minutes before you can get a perfectly frothed coffee.

You can prepare everything in advance and switch on the coffee machine when you feel like taking a break. 4 minutes later the coffee machine for cigar lighter will signal you that it is ready by 3 beeps. You park your vehicle in a chosen spot and prepare a nice hot coffee, without leaving your vehicle!

How to use your Handcoffee machine when travelling or at the office?

In order to use your Handcoffee Truck machine elsewhere than in your vehicle, you can use a 220V/24V adapter that will allow you to plug it into a wall socket while travelling or in a holiday home.

It is also the perfect machine for the office.

4 minutes and your favourite coffee is ready, in the car, in the truck, in the office and on holiday...

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