Handpresso Auto Capsule
Discover the first on-board machine for Nespresso®* compatible capsules and drink as tasty espressos while on the go as if you were at home! 
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HandpressoCoffee on-the-go

A unique range of coffee makers

Handpresso has created a beautiful range of onboard and on-the-go portable espresso or coffee machines to allow you to drink a perfect coffee at any time with even more pleasure than were you at home. Designed to meet the need or taste for travels, Handpresso machines grant your wishes and make your coffee breaks absolutely great.

Innovative portable espresso machines

Compact and stylish, the Handpresso coffee makers are a combination of technology and care with quality in all its dimensions:

- Quality of the user experience

- Quality of the machine

- Coffee quality

Robust, they are designed to last and make you experience moments of pleasure and sharing again and again.

Coffee makers with countless possibilities

Thanks to our on-board machines, the Handpresso Auto and Handcoffee Auto machines and the compatible Nespresso® * espresso machine, you can enjoy amazing coffee breaks in your vehicle. Perfect for long trips leading you to breathtaking scenery as well as daily commutes, the Handpresso coffeemakers offer the chance to catch a glimpse of happiness. Handpresso gives you the freedom to choose the place and time to drink a perfect coffee without having to leave your car.

Drink your favourite coffee in the great open 

At sea, small Handpresso machines fit perfectly in luxury boats as well as fishing boats. Offshore, sunbathing on the deck or warming up after a storm, the manual or electric coffee makers prepare the coffee you were looking for. 

For nature and open air lovers, there is nothing that beats a quality coffee by the fireplace or in the mountains. All you need is a manual machine and some water to make your wishes come true! 

For lovers of the perfect coffee in all situations, on vacation, on the move, at home, at the office! Handpresso Anywhere


* Nespresso® * is a third party trademark and has no connection with Handpresso SAS


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