E.S.E. Pod Selection for Our Portable Espresso Makers

The E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pod, commonly known as Espresso Pod, is widely used in Italy. The E.S.E .pod combines the true Italian tradition of roasting and modern industrial techniques seeking efficiency, precision, perfect preservation and the best possible quality.

With Which Handpresso Portable Espresso Makers can They Be Used?

The E.S.E. pod works with Handpresso manual espresso machines (Handpresso Pump) and 12v coffee makers for the car (Handpresso Auto).  Whatever the version of the machine, you will have a perfect 16-bar shot in the cup.

What Does The ESE Pod Contain?

The E.S.E pod contains 7 grams of roasted, ground and tamped coffee between two sheets of 100% vegetable, certified compostable paper. The diameter of the coffee pod is 44 millimeters. All the coffee molecules are thus preserved and remain intact for almost 2 years! If one side is rough, it is the side which has to placed towards the grid. 

Unlike the soft Senseo® pod, the ESE pod is to be extracted at a high (9-19 bar) pressure and serves a genuine espresso whereas Senseo® pods prepare a 2-bar filter coffee. The ESE pods produce a creamy and generous espresso.

Why Choose ESE Pods for Manual Coffee Machines?

  • Constant QUALITY: No grinding adjustment
  • EASE OF USE: No more dosing, tamping errors
  • CLEANLINESS: No grounds nor ground container to clean
  • MAINTENANCE: Extends the life of your machine
  • STANDARD: Compatible with all E.S.E. coffee makers
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Greener than other pods because made of materials that are totally biodegradable. The paper is non-chlorinated and contains no toxic substance.
  • Good quality price ratio: There is a large range of professionals in the ESE pod market, thanks to its "open" format and specifications. Due to this sound competition, ESE pods are cheap compared to the quality of espresso they deliver.

E.S.E. Pods for Manual Espresso Machines & 12v Coffee Makers

COVIM: A Genovese Roaster, perfect for the portable espresso maker

Gold Arabica:Exclusive 100% arabica blend. Do you fancy an espresso at any time of day? This exclusive 100% arabica blend, containing no more than 1.3% caffeine, makes a very aromatic espresso with strong body, slight acidity and an excellent aftertaste.

Orocrema:A full body blend (80% robusta - 20% arabica), with fine aroma and no acidity. Perfect for those who like a frothy coffee with an excellent aftertaste.

GranbarBlend of the best arabicas and robustas. If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, here is the espresso you need. A strong coffee (2.4% caffeine) with good aroma, full-rounded body and a frothy crema. The Italian reference coffee!

SUAVE:Decaffeinated 100% arabica blend. If you love espressos but fear they’ll spoil your sleep, here is so smooth a blend, with so little acidity, that you’ll hardly notice you’re drinking a decaffeinated coffee!

Vergnano : A Genuine Italian Espresso, since 1882

ArabicaThe 100% Arabica blend is a delicately-fragranced coffee, obtained through a selection of the finest varieties of Coffea Arabica. This coffee comes from a slow roasting process, giving it a light and pleasant aftertaste.

GRANA full-bodied, rounded blend with the intense fragrance of the best Robusta coffee, a persistent crema and an intense hazelnut color.

ESPRESSOThe Espresso blend, for coffee-drinkers who appreciate a slightly stronger coffee. Full-bodied with an intense fragrance, it is perfect for a creamy, thick and inviting coffee.


ILLY : A Famous Roasting Master for the portable espresso maker

ESPRESSO CLASSICOFor a smooth, balanced flavor enhanced with aromatic notes of caramel and chocolate with a light topnote.

TOSTATURA SCURASkillful blending of 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans, meticulously selected from different growing regions around the world. 

DECAFFEINATOOffers the same flavor and aroma as medium roast, with a caffeine content of under 0.05 percent, half the legal requirement for decaffeinated coffee.


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