Accessories For Manual Espresso Machines

Accessories For Manual Espresso Machines, What For?

By creating Handpresso Pump, the manual coffee machine, introduced for the first time in January 2008, Handpresso launched the portable espresso concept. The idea is to allow all people on-the-go to drink a quality espresso. An espresso they will particularly appreciate if they have had to do without it (in countries where real espresso is not commonplace) or if the break takes place after an effort (hiking, skiing, or climbing day).

Wherever you are, wherever you go, you can look forward to choosing the time and place to share your coffee break with your travel companions. The manual espresso machines travel with you everywhere. Designed in materials made to last, the portable espresso makers come with a series of accessories that make the coffee experience even better. They fall into two categories:

To Improve The Comfort Of Your Coffee Break Wherever You Are

Since manual espresso machines are meant to be carried in your backpack or suitcase, they must be protected. You can choose the Handpresso Pump travel case that protects your travel coffee machine by matching its shape, like a camera case. A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry it and keeps your hands free to continue your journey, hike or climbing. 

If you already have a Handpresso Pump and if you always share the coffee break with other people, go for Handpresso Pump case, a bag in which your Handpresso Pump fits perfectly, 4 unbreakable cups, 1 thermoflask and 1 napkin. This bag allows you not only to have your manual espresso machine but also to bring hot water in the thermoflask. The water remains at over 90 °C for 3 to 4 hours and allows you to serve 4 to 5 espressos. The coffee breaks become a real moment of sharing as well as the best memories of the trip. 

The thermoflask, which comes in black, silver and white, ie in the same colors as the manual espresso machines, gives you the comfort of hot water close to hand. The single-hand button  keeps the water hot longer. The thermometer tells you if the water is warm enough for an optimal coffee extraction. 

Handpresso Pump cups or paper cups. You can choose between the elegant and very sturdy Handpresso cups that you bring with you everywhere or the recyclable paper cups that require no cleaning and that you can discard after use.


For Espresso Aficionados By The Book

As Handpresso manual espresso machines are aimed at true aficionados who want to enjoy a creamy espresso at 16 bar pressure, some accessories are there to make the coffee experience even better.

If you want to enjoy a real ristretto, a short Italian espresso, it is possible thanks to the intense E.S.E. or ground coffee portafilter. This Intense portafilter slows down the infusion while increasing the extraction of the aromas! 

The manual coffee grinder in stainless steel is for coffee bean lovers. Perfect to get the best espresso out of your Handpresso Pump machine, the grinder holds 20g of beans. Its ceramic burrs ensure an unvarying grind and remain sharp longer than the steel ones. 

There is the top-of-the-range tamper, boasting the sleek Handpresso design, which enables you to get the best extraction from your ground espresso coffee.

Finally, to carry the freshly ground coffee from home or from your roaster, Handpresso has designed a clever and handy case enabling you to prepare three coffee doses in advance. It’s the Handpresso Ground coffee case that you attach to the strap of your briefcase or carrying case. Fill the adapters with the ground coffee of your choice, place them in the case and bring them with you wherever you go. Your adapters and your Handpresso Pump will always be together and ready for use. 



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