Your espresso in the great outdoors

Do you fancy an espresso wherever you are? It's a unique experience you can have and share with friends thanks to Handpresso's manual espresso maker. Ready?

An espresso in full freedom: a Handpresso idea

Preparing a real espresso outdoors, far away from everything is an idea launched by Handpresso in 2008 with its Handpresso Pump espresso machine. Instant coffee and a thermos-insulated bottle of filter coffee belong to a bygone age. Now, you can enjoy a quality break in an exclusive place and drink an espresso extracted at 16 bar with even more pleasure than had you stayed at home.

A coffee maker with a revolutionary design

Lightweight and compact, it is actually the stylish design which makes the portable espresso machine, Handpresso Pump, unique. Inspired by a bike pump equipped with a small water tank, this tiny coffee maker is available in several colors and comes with a thermos-insulated bottle in the same color. As a stand-alone or in its case, it easily fits into your backpack or suitcase and accompany you  to the end of the world.

The unfailing quality of Handpresso's espresso machine

Designed in noble materials, the espresso machines on-the-go are resistant to time and wear. Choosing to use fewer materials and selecting parts made to last stem from a genuine environmental concern. Robust and reliable, Handpresso’s portable espresso makers offer you a refined espresso break and a high quality coffee in the most extraordinary surroundings. Again and again!

It's a thrill to watch the extraction of a quality coffee! 

Try our percolator, it's an amazing show! The manual machine really ensures a qualitative user experience. The preparation is completely new: you reach a 16–bar pressure as with a bike pump, add max 50ml of hot water in the tank and the coffee of your choice (ground or pod). Then you flip the machine around to allow the extraction into the cup. A smashing experience!

Coffee break: a moment of sharing

The pleasure given by the portable machines will want to make you share it with others. The more, the merrier! These espresso breaks in unique places will become the highlight of your trip or your vacation. Your travel companions will ask for more. Never will friendships matter more  than now!


Handpresso Anywhere!

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