On the water

Reliable, sturdy and easy to pack away, Handpresso manual espresso machines are shaped for the sea.

Your Portable Espresso Maker On The Water

Do you fancy an espresso on the water? It’s a unique experience you can have and share with friends thanks to Handpresso manual espresso machine and 12v coffee makers. Ready? 

An Espresso In The Great Outdoors: A Handpresso Concept

As the inventor of the coffee on-the-go, Handpresso offers manual espresso machines and 12v coffee makers and to allow you to enjoy a tasty coffee in the big outdoors. Mobility and freedom are at the core of the Handpresso concept. But doesn’t « clearing off » mean choosing or having the freedom to leave? With Handpresso, you combine your dreams of adventure with the luxury of drinking the perfect coffee onboard. 

Preparing a real espresso at sea or on the beach, far away from everything, is an idea launched by Handpresso in 2008 with Handpresso Pump, the manual espresso machine. Instant coffee and a thermoflask of filter coffee belong to a bygone age.. You can enjoy a quality break and drink an espresso extracted at 16 bars with even more pleasure than were you at home.

Handpresso small portable espresso makers are real on-the go coffee makers. They travel with you everywhere. You will not be able to do without them, even more so than with your Swiss army knife or your torch!

Aiming at meeting the need or the taste for travels, Handpresso portable espresso makers grant your wishes and make your coffee breaks absolutely great, wherever you are!

Wide Range Of Portable Expresso Makers Designed For The Sea

The manual espresso machine, Handpresso Pump is ideal on the boat. Small, light and compact, the manual espresso machine follows you on the deck and can easily be stored in a small kitchen or in a drawer.  Reaching a 16-bar pressure is as easy as with a bike pump and watching the espresso flow into the cup is a wow experience!

Conceived in carefully selected high-end materials, our manual espresso machines are wear-resistant. The choice to use fewer materials and select parts made to last also responds to an eco-friendly concern. Reliable and robust, our 100% manual espresso machines offer you a fine espresso break and a high quality coffee in the most amazing settings. Again and again !

The Ocean Pack, specially designed in partnership with Guy Cotten, a French company famous for its sailor clothes allows you to protect your Handpresso Pump from salt, sand and sea spray. Your machine, coffee and cups will keep dry in this nice waterproof bag. 

If you decide to moor on a desert island and if you cannot heat water, do choose the outdoor set. This bag  has everything inside. It allow syou to carry 300ml of hot water in the thermoflask and help you serve up to 5 coffees, wherever you are.

12v Coffee Makers On The Water

If your boat has a 12V cigarette lighter, you can also go for Handpresso electric coffee makers. There is a remarkable choice of machines: the 12V coffee maker with Senseo®* coffee pods, the espresso machine for ground coffee or hard coffee pods, and the Nespresso®* car coffee maker compatible with Nespresso® capsules. Handpresso adapts to the various tastes and offers a wide range of manual espresso machines and 12v coffee makers. So go for it! Cast off the moorings ... with Handpresso of course!

* Senseo® and Nespresso® are third party trademarks and have no connection with Handpresso SAS

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