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Discover Handpresso manual coffee makers, enjoy a high quality coffee anywhere.

Manual Espresso Machines

Handpresso Pump, THE Portable espresso Maker

Mobility goes with quality thanks to Handpresso’s patented technology. Handpresso has launched its manual espresso machines, Handpresso Pump, so you can enjoy a tasty espresso wherever you are!

The Portable Espresso Maker With A Revolutionary Design

The black Handpresso Pump is the first manual espresso machine launched in 2008 and developed in France.

This manual espresso machine is inspired by a bicycle pump producing a 16-bar pressure to prepare a creamy espresso wherever you are.

Simple, light and robust, the Handpresso Pump is the ideal machine for your holiday, camping, travel, boat or in the office.

It gives you the freedom to make your coffee break absolutely great wherever you are.

Weighing no more than 480g, the Handpresso Pump packs easily into your backpack or your bag, when you go on holiday or short trips.

Available in black, silver and white.


An Amazing Result In The Cup For The Manual Espresso Machine

Handpresso pump is a very versatile portable espresso maker. You can either choose your favorite ground coffee or place the E.S.E. adapter to enjoy the convenience of E.S.E pods.

Build up the pressure to 16 bar by activating the pump like a bicycle pump. Add hot water to the 50ml tank, E.S.E pod or ground coffee and press the button.

This device allows you to prepare a tasty espresso with the characteristic crema obtained by high pressure extraction and an exclusive Handpresso system.


Other Advantages Of The Manual Espresso Machine 

Simple, light, elegant and extremely compact, the manual espresso machine travels with you you everywhere: at work, on holiday, on weekends, trekking, while traveling,..

Handy, easy to store (in a drawer, hanging from a hook in the kitchen ...), maintenance free, it prepares a high quality coffee

Eco-friendly, Handpresso pump works with no batteries nor electricity and will appeal to those who care about the planet. In addition, the portable espresso machine uses compostable E.S.E. pods or ground coffee.

Handpresso Pump Set To Have Everything Close To Hand!

This bag has really been thought for those who want to take their manual espresso machine everywhere, to enjoy a delicious espresso in all situations. It has been designed so that you have everything close to hand even at the end of the world. And it will allow you to share this coffee break with your family and friends.  

Accessories included In The Portable Espresso Maker Full Set 

  • The Handpresso Pump, which is the manual espresso machine. It works with ground espresso coffee with E.S.E. pods
  • • 4 unbreakable cups.
  • The single-hand 300ml thermoflask (serving up to 5 espressos), which keeps the water hot even longer.
  • A small napkin. 

Ease Of Use Of The Manual Espresso Machine 

To prepare your coffee, nothing is easier! All you need to do is build up the pressure to 16 bar by activating the pump. Add hot water, an E.S.E pod or espresso ground coffee and press the button. You will be able to enjoy delicious espresso wherever you are!

Other Advantages Of The Portable Espresso Maker  Full Set 

The bag provides 4 unbreakable cups and a small napkin to share the coffee break wherever you want.

The thermoflask with the portable espresso maker in the bag keeps the water hot at more than 90°C for more than 3 hours. You have it all to share the coffee break wherever you want.

The bag is just beautiful with white, silver or black machines (each portable espresso machine matching the thermoflask).

Handpresso Pump POP, The Fun Manual Espresso Machine

They are nice, pretty and colourful. The young and sporty-looking portable espresso makers, Handpresso Pump Pop, convey joy and humour to the coffee world. They come in pink, apple green, sky blue or orange. 

Like the Handpresso Pump, the Handpresso Pump Pop uses no batteries nor electricity and will appeal to those who care for the planet.

• Coffee: short and tight (50ml) espresso

• E.S.E.* pods  or ground coffee

• Pressure: 16 bar 

An Espresso In 3 Steps With The Portable Espresso Makers 

1- Get to the 16-bar pressure as for a bicycle pump

2- Add hot water at 90°C (from a thermoflask or a kettle)

3- Place the espresso coffee of your choice and serve a high quality espresso

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