12 And 24v Coffee Maker Accessories

In addition to Handpresso 12 and 24v coffee makers, there is a wide range of dedicated accessories. In our concern to make the Handpresso break even more enjoyable in your car, camper or truck and wherever you stop, these accessories become true must-haves!

Handpresso Auto Range, The 12v Coffee Makers

Handy Accessories For Your Car Coffee Maker

If you already have a 12v espresso maker, Handpresso Auto E.S.E. or Handpresso Auto, and would like the full bag, here is Handpresso Auto case. It contains 2 unbreakable cups and 1 napkin, and your car espresso maker fits perfectly inside.

When you open it, the bag serves as a tray and its lodgings allow you to make your espresso breaks a real treat. Without leaving your car! 

Handy, it stores pods, sugar and teaspoons. Once the break is over, it packs away in the glove compartment for example. 

The unbreakable Handpresso Auto cups  are elegant and serve as measuring cups. They have a 50ml filling line to ensure that you do not pour too much water in the machine. Sold in boxes of 2, they offer you a moment of sharing while enjoying your coffee break in the car. 

You can choose disposable  Handpresso Auto paper cups. With a capacity of 10cl, they are sold in packs of 50, so that you can at any time prepare a warm coffee in the car.

Barista Accessories For A Coffee Break In The Car By The Book

For ground coffee lovers, this Handpresso tamper boasting the sleek Handpresso design, enables you to get the best extraction from your ground espresso coffee.

Clever and handy, the little ground coffee case allows you to prepare three coffee doses in advance. Fill the adapters with the ground coffee of your choice so you do not have to pack the whole coffee tin with you. The perfectly sealed case allows you to keep the 3 coffee doses. Once closed, it fastens on the straps of the Handpresso Auto set, so you have everything close to hand as soon as you want to stop. 

Some of you like the real ristretto, the Italian short espresso. With the intense portafilters for pods E.S.E. or ground coffee, you can slow down the infusion of your Handpresso Auto while increasing the extraction of the aromas.

And if you prefer to use coffee beans in your Handpresso Auto (or Pump) machine, it is possible thanks to the manual coffee grinder we have selected for you. Made of stainless steel, it is ideal for getting the best espresso out of your Handpresso Auto (or Pump) espresso maker.

Handcoffee Auto and Handcoffee Truck Range

Handy Accessory For Your 12 or 24v Coffeemaker

The Handcoffee Auto Bag, a flexible shoulder bag allows you to store your Handcoffee Auto or Handcoffee Truck and all what you need to prepare your coffee in the car or in the truck (pods, sugar ...). It's big enough to have close to hand for your coffee break.

Gourmet Accessories For Your 12 or 24v Coffeemaker

With the Multi-drink kit, an adaptation kit (containing a dedicated portafilter, an adapter for all types of pods and an adapter for ground coffee (or tea)), you can serve almost all types of hot drinks! You can prepare short or long (80 or 110 ml) coffees with ground coffee or double (Senseo® compatible) pods. But that's not all: you can also use gourmet pods to drink a cappuccino or hot chocolate or (loose) tea.

The Multi-drink case is a case with 4 pod lodgings and 3 adapters for ground coffee (or loose tea). You can prepare your own ground coffee in advance and gourmet or double (Senseo® compatible) pods for a cappuccino, hot chocolate, or even tea.

For Both Ranges Of Products

150 Watt Power Adapters 220v-12v For Handpresso Auto or Handcoffee Auto

Handpresso has thought of those who, once they have reached their destination, want to be able to use their 12/24v coffee maker in their holiday rental or second home. The power adapter allows you to connect your coffee or espresso maker wherever you want.

(There is also a 120W 220V-12V power adapter for Handpresso Auto Capsule, the 12/24v coffee maker for Nespresso® and Nespresso® compatible capsules)

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