Handpresso's history: a nice adventure

Handpresso is the inventor of the first portable espresso maker

Handpresso offers a whole range of patented manual espresso machines and 12v coffee makers sold the world over.

More than 400,000 manual espresso machines and 12v coffee makers sold in France and abroad since the launch of its first portable espresso maker in January 2008.

A complete range of manual espresso machines and 12v coffee makers with many accessories.

Portable espresso makers and 12v coffee machines using all the coffee formats found on the market: E.S.E. espresso pods, Senseo® soft pods, Nespresso® capsules ground coffee. 

The best distributors in France across all areas of interest to portable coffee makers : coffee, outdoor, home appliances, boating, ship accessories, car accessories, trucks, campers ...

International distribution in more than 50 countries all over the world 

Prestigious and lasting partnerships with major car manufacturers: VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Nissan, Renault, Tesla ...

A breakthrough innovation with the manual espresso maker

Discover Handpresso's adventure and its innovations: from the launch of the first manual espresso machine to the 12v coffee maker using capsules.

April 2006: Creation of the Handpresso company


January 2008Handpresso causes a revolution at MACEF in Milan by launching the first manual espresso maker in the world, Handpresso Wild (called Pump since 2015).

October 2012: For the second time, Handpresso causes a revolution by presenting the first 12v coffee maker, Handpresso Auto, at the Mondial de l'Auto in Paris.

September 2015: Handpresso continues to develop its on-board machine concept and extends it to Handcoffee Auto, a Senseo® type 12v coffee maker. Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it is all the rage.

December 2017Handpresso Auto Capsule is launched. This Nespresso® 12/24v coffee maker, intuitive and nimble, is equipped with the latest innovations from the portable espresso leader.

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