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Discover our 12v coffee makers for the car, the truck or the camper.

Your Coffee on The Road With Our 12v Coffee Makers

Stuck in traffic jams, are you fancying a good cup of coffee? With our on-the-go electric coffee makers to be plugged into the 12V cigarette-lighter, you can drink your first espresso in the car. Ready?

12v Coffee Makers: That’s A First!

Handpresso 12-volt coffee makers and espresso machines are unique. With Handpresso, preparing an exceptional espresso in the car as soon as you feel like it, is now possible! Designed to meet the key concept of mobility, these 12-volt coffee makers are the result of a very innovative approach and a brand-specific technology. 

Compact and stylish, the Handpresso 12v coffee makers are a combination of technology and care with quality in all its dimensions (quality of the user experience, quality of the machine, quality of the coffee). Robust, Handpresso coffee machines are designed to last and make you experience moments of pleasure and sharing again and again.

Responding to the need or taste for traveling, the Handpresso 12v coffee makers grant your wishes and allow you to make your coffee breaks absolutely great, wherever you are! Handpresso Anywhere!

Carefully Designed Car Coffee Makers

Streamlined, elegant and classy, our 12v coffee makers are a perfect fit inside your vehicle. Compact, they can be placed in the cup holder and plugged to the cigarette lighter. They are powerful and reach a 16-bar pressure and 90°C in just over 2 minutes (for the espresso machines).

It is up to you to choose the coffee format you prefer (ground coffee, coffee in hard or soft pods or capsules) to prepare a tasty coffee or espresso in your vehicle. And to make your coffee break absolutely great!


An Unprecedented Selection Of 12v Coffee Makers

With Handpresso, car drivers can choose among a wide range of on-board machines:

-       a 12V coffee machine preparing long Senseo® type coffees. Called Handcoffee Auto, this 12v coffee maker is suitable for all lovers of long and creamy coffees. You can choose a variety of different tastes, selected from a large range of soft pods and drink either a long coffee, a cappuccino, or a macchiato.

-       an espresso machine using hard pods or ground coffee for real espressos. Handpresso Auto, the onboard machine is there for espresso lovers.

-       Not to mention the new Handpresso Auto Capsule, the 12/24v espresso machine compatible with Nespresso® capsules.

With Handpresso, everybody can enjoy a coffee to their liking!

A Coffee Whenever You Want

When you’re off to remote places, you will be happy to be able to make stops and have enjoyable coffee breaks during your journey. What a pleasure to stop during the day or at the end of the night in front of a breath-taking landscape to enjoy a freshly prepared coffee! And share this special moment with your fellow travelers. Whether by car or in a recreational vehicle, this coffee break will be a unique moment of sharing!

An espresso to counter driver fatigue

Coffee is great for long trips and to counter driver fatigue. No need to stop in the highway service areas to swallow coffee from the vending machine. Perfect for long trips leading you to breath-taking scenery as well as daily commutes, the Handpresso 12v coffee makers offer the chance to catch a glimpse of happiness. Handpresso gives you the freedom to choose the place and time to drink a delicious coffee without having to leave your vehicle.

Ideal for car lovers and vacationers, the 12v and 24v coffee machines also offer a quality coffee break to those who jobwise devour the road. Salesmen are happy to be able to spare a gourmet parenthesis during their busy days. And all the professional drivers (taxi drivers, truck drivers, ambulances, firemen ...) can look forward to a break as soon as they feel tired and drink a good coffee, which will boost them and keep them going.


*Senseo® and Nespresso® are third party trademarks and have no connection with Handpresso SAS

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