Senseo® Pods and Compatible Soft Pods

Soft Pod Creation

Created in 2002, Senseo is the first pod coffee machine sold in supermarkets. It is the fruit of the collaboration between Philips and Sara Lee (Maison du Café). Its Italian-sounding name is there to to evoke "personal intuition and the freedom to follow one's own path". The concept is above all an innovative alternative to traditional filter coffee and will help spread "single-serve" coffee, launched by Nespresso. Senseo has experienced a rapid growth and, as of 2012, had sold more than 10 million machines in France. 

What Are Soft Pods?

Soft pods (also called PAD) are widespread on the market because they are mostly used with Senseo® machines. It is actually the most universal pod to prepare a coffee. Their diameter (70 mm) is wider than that of the ESE pods (44 mm), but the weight of the coffee is the same: 7 grams. It is roasted and less finely ground coffee than in an ESE pod and not tamped between two sheets of filter paper. It is a "low pressure" system that does not allow to make real espresso unlike the result obtained with an ESE pod in an espresso machine.  

Senseo® pods are soft pods designed for a "classic" coffee close to filter coffee as the extraction is done at a low 2-bar pressure, yet with a beautiful crema, and the simplicity and practicality of the pod. 

They are used with our 12v  car coffee maker Handcoffee Auto and 24v coffee maker Handcoffee Truck as well as all Senseo® compatible coffee machines.

Our machines are designed exclusively for single pods.

How To choose Your coffee in Senseo® Pods?

Senseo® pods are made with high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans grown on plains or in the mountains. The intense coffee bean roasting generates a strong and powerful taste that is the hallmarks of Senseo® pods. The coffee is ground straight after roasting, then carefully measured  out and finally packaged in pods.

Classic Senseo® pods for Senseo® coffee makers

This Arabica/Robusta blend prepares a smooth and aromatic coffee with a delicious crema on top.

This coffee is ideal in the morning, for strong coffee lovers.

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