The Best Coffees Selected For You

We have selected the best coffees suitable for each type of manual espresso machine or 12v coffee maker in the Handpresso range. The only thing you do is choose a coffee to your liking! 

E.S.E Pods For A Barista-like Espresso

Called E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso), these 7g and 44mm  stiff pods are to be used with the Handpresso Pump and Handpresso Auto range. The ESE pod is widely used in Italy. There is a large range of professionals in the ESE pod market, thanks to its "open" format and specifications. Due to this sound competition, ESE pods are cheap compared to the quality of espresso they deliver.

They make it possible to prepare an espresso, extracted at a 16-bar pressure. Top-of-the-range Italian brands like Vergnano, Covim and Illy offer 100% Arabica coffee, Robusta blends and absolutely delicious decaffeinated coffee. Lovers of origin coffee will be thrilled to find good makes from Colombia or Jamaica in Lucaffè coffee range.

The E.S.E. pods’ great asset is that they are eco-friendly. They are made of entirely compostable materials with non-chlorinated paper that doesn't contain any  toxic substance.

Classic, Single-origin, Organic or Fairtrade Nespresso®* Capsules

The capsule is currently the most popular single-serve coffee format. At first, and for 20 years, only Nespresso® capsules were available. But lately, more and more roasters are offering theirs. 

Our new Handpresso Auto Capsule, the new Nespresso® * car coffee maker, is the first 12/24v coffee maker designed for both Nespresso® and Nespresso® compatible capsules. 

Without claiming to be experts, we love good espressos and recommend coffee capsules with hints of honey or brown sugar from French coffee roasters like Lugat! 

Otherwise, you can choose among Lobodis selection of single-origin coffees (Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras) or organic coffee. And why not try Starbucks® Fair Trade Coffee? It is quite tasty too!

Senseo® Pods or Compatible Soft pods: Some Best-of For You

Widely distributed on the market, these Senseo® pods or compatible soft pods have a 70 mm- diameter and weigh 7g each.

Senseo® pods prepare a 80 to 110ml coffee in coffee makers using such Senseo® pods, such as the 12v and 24v coffee makers, Handcoffee Auto and Handcoffee Truck. Taste Senseo® pods (including a caramel-flavored coffee) but also Lavazza’s harmonious arabica-robusta blends. As for organic coffee lovers, Destination Café’s  Peruvian coffee is for you!

And to vary the drinks, go for gourmet pods! You'll make people happy serving hot chocolate or cappuccinos with the Handcoffee Auto Travel Pack!  It includes the 12v coffee maker Handcoffee Auto, a bag and the adaptors for these special drinks.

Ground Coffee as From Your Roaster

The Handpresso Pump and Handpresso Auto range of coffee makers allows you to use a fine grind of ground coffee for espresso. Both 100% Arabica ground coffees selected here are a safe bet which the quality of the crema on top will confirm!

Covim : This aroma-rich coffee is a blend of high quality arabica coffee from the most exclusive plantations. Dark-roasted by the book, it offers a full-bodied, sweet and persistent flavor.  

Illy : The perfect balance between strength and softness. This coffee releases toast, chocolate, caramelly and floral aromas. The strength of sensitivity.

 Finally, if you have a coffee grinder, grind your own coffee beans! 

No doubt, coffee beans are even more economical and eco-friendly. Your roaster can introduce you to single-origin coffee, blends with powerful body and aroma, as well as organic or fairtrade coffees. Let him guide you to get the most of your manual espresso machine or 12v coffee maker.

But regardless of the chosen coffee, Handpresso always conveys the taste of adventure in the cup!


Nespresso®, Senseo® and Starbucks® are third-party trademarks and have no connection with Handpresso SAS

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