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Discover our electrical portable coffee makers to plug on your car 12V plug or your truck 24V cigarette-lighter.

12V coffee makers and 24V coffee machines

Handpresso Auto Capsule 12/24V espresso maker for Nespresso® capsules

Handpresso Auto Capsule is the company’s latest coffee maker for the car. It is at the same time the first 12/24v coffee maker using Nespresso® capsules and Nespresso® compatible capsules. They are the most widespread coffee format and in use worldwide. Handpresso Auto Capsule combines all qualities to offer you a perfect espresso in your car.

Performance and practicality of the 12v coffee maker

Handpresso Auto Capsule allows you to make a delicious espresso with the characteristic foam obtained by a high pressure extraction of 19 bar. The water reservoir has a capacity of 50 ml.

To have it always close to hand, Handpresso Auto Capsule is placed in the cup holder and connects to the 12 or 24v cigarette lighter

Easy to use, the preparation is done in only 2.30 minutes, followed by a digital screen that indicates the different steps to follow. 

First, with the electronic filling control. The green light indicates that the correct amount of water has been poured. Otherwise, the indicator blinks red and the machine will not start.

The 12v coffee maker’s other assets

Our 12/24V coffee maker is also equipped with an electronic programming (5mn delay),  which is perfect for anticipating your break and having a hot coffee when not in use.

The anti-projection nozzle has been studied to avoid splashing despite the 19-bar pressure. The coffee maker will serve a 50ml-espresso, prepared at the right temperature in no more than 2.30 minutes.

After having plugged the power cord to a 12 or 24V cigarette lighter, just fill the water reservoir, start the cycle and your coffee will be ready to be served in the provided cups.

Using the 12 volt coffee maker 

Thanks to the digital display, no operation error is possible as the machine shows all the steps to be followed :

- pour cold water until  you see the "OK" sign 

- the 12v coffee maker then asks you to place the capsule

- press the button to launch the heating cycle, the display will inform you of the cycle progression

- once the heating process is finished, you hear 3 bleeps

- close the portafilter by aligning the locking indicators 

- Flip the 12v coffee maker around  and release the pressure by pressing the button

- Enjoy your espresso.  

The 12v Handpresso Auto Capsule is sold with a measuring cup and a small napkin 


*Nespresso® is a third-party brand with no connection to Handpresso SAS.

Handcoffee Auto, the 12v coffee maker for Senseo® pods

Who has ever dreamed of drinking a good coffee in traffic jams? This 12v coffee maker will make your dream come true! 

Handcoffee Auto is the coffee machine for the car offering a generous coffee on board. As always at Handpresso, Handcoffee Auto has sleek lines. Easy to use, it fits in the cup holder and plugs into the 12v cigarette lighter. In just over 4 minutes, you prepare your favorite coffee, extracted at a 2-bar pressure, to give yourself a treat  whenever and wherever you want.

A generous coffee with our car coffee maker

Whether long or short, with Handcoffee Auto, you can drink the coffee you like. You can choose a variety of different tastes, select from a large range of compatible soft Senseo® pods and drink either a long coffee, a cappuccino, or a macchiato. There is something for every taste. All this without leaving your car!

Convenience of the car coffee maker

Thanks to its 80 and 110 ml water reservoir  capacity , you can drink your coffee as you like it: either short or long.

Simple and easy to use, the car coffee maker combines all the qualities to offer you a wow tasting experience in the car. 

Place the 12v coffee maker in the cup holder, plug it into the cigarette lighter, add water in the (max 110ml) reservoir and the Senseo® soft pods of your choice. In just over 4 minutes, your coffee is ready! 

Senseo® is a third-party brand with no connection to Handpresso SAS.

Available in 24v truck version, see 

Handcoffee Truck, the 24v coffee maker for Senseo® pods

How to use your coffee machine in the truck?

1-  Connect the machine to the 24v cigarette lighter socket

2- Add your (cold) water with the help of the filling indicators, then place the soft pod of your choice (Senseo® type*)

3- Press the power button

4- The machine heats for 4 minutes for a 80ml coffee

5- After the 3 beeps, turn the machine over and press the cup button

6- Press the cup button again to switch off after the coffee has run out

7- Enjoy your creamy coffee and take a break on the roadside or at the motorway service area


Using the 24V coffee maker

1 - Connect the machine to your truck (24v) cigarette lighter socket

2 - Add (cold) water then place the Senseo coffee pad of your choice

3 - Press the power button.

4 - After 3 bleeps, flip the machine around and press the cup button

5 - Press the STOP button


Enjoy your coffee !


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