Ground Coffee for Portable Espresso Makers

Which 12v and Portable Coffee Makers Use Ground Coffee?

The Handpresso Pump manual espresso machines and the 12v coffee maker Handpresso Auto allow you to use a fine coffee grind for espresso. Good news for all true coffee lovers who can choose single-origin coffee or blends recommended by their roaster. No need  to stock up pods before leaving. And no doubt that ground coffee is the cheapest and most eco-friendly option!

Which Grind Should I Use With Portable Coffee Makers?

Regarding coffee grind size, remember that with filter coffee, it’s the weight of water "bathing" in coffee that produces the taste and aroma molecules. Coffee particles must be fine enough to allow a maximum number of molecules to be "in contact" with the water.  

In a high-pressure espresso maker, the extraction is “forced", with an effective water pressure at about 10 bar. More molecules are extracted than in a filter coffee maker, hence the much richer espresso taste. But for the extraction under pressure in the infusion chamber to occur, the coffee grinds have to be very tight (tamped coffee) and therefore very fine.

There is an adequate grind size for espresso makers. Yet, an Italian espresso grind is always finer than a French espresso grind. As each roaster uses his own method, you will never find the same fineness from one roaster to the other.  

Ground Coffee Selection For Your Portable and 12v Coffee Makers

Both are quality 100% arabica coffees that create a nice crema. Covim or Illy’s 100% Arabica coffee is a safe bet which the quality of the crema on top will only confirm!

Covim, a quality  Genovese roaster

Fruity without any bitterness, it is Covim’s  top of the range. 

This aroma-rich 100% arabica coffee is a blend of high quality arabica coffee from the most exclusive plantations. (Arabica from Brazil, Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Guatemala, Colombia).  Dark-roasted by the book, it offers a full-bodied, sweet and persistent flavor. It can be drunk all day.

Illy, Italy’s N°1

The perfect balance between strength and softness. This coffee releases toasty, chocolate, caramel and floral aromas. The strength of sensitivity.

Pressurization: an Illy exclusivity

When in contact with air, roasted coffee loses up to 40% of its aromas in 8 hours. To try to preserve them, we usually use vacuum, which is inefficient. Since its inception, Illy has been using its own efficient and patented technology. An inert nitrogen gas, is introduced under pressure into the Illy boxes. The aromas are fixed and preserved for a long time. As for a good wine, coffee packaged in Illy boxes is refined, its roundness develops and it lasts longer. Nitrogen is not an additive, it dissolves immediately upon the box opening.  

Coffee Beans For Your Portable Coffee Maker

Finally, if you have a coffee grinder, grind your coffee beans! No doubt, coffee beans are even more economical and eco-friendly. Your roaster can introduce you to single-origin coffee, blends with powerful body and aroma, as well as organic or fair-trade coffee. Let him guide you!


How To Prepare An Espresso With Ground Coffee?

There’s an art to preparing an espresso. It requires patience and control and: 7g of tamped coffee, a pressure above 10 bar, an extraction lasting 25 seconds after 5 seconds of infusion for a 25-30ml cup.

Even when traveling or hiking, espresso lovers can drink the espresso they like with their Handpresso manual espresso machine or in the car, with their 12v coffee maker.

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