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Ocean Pack: Manual espresso machine


A great protection for your manual espresso machine, this bag is specially designed to keep your Handpresso Pump and your coffee dry!

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What is the Ocean Pack?

The Ocean Pack is the fruit of our collaboration with Guy Cotten, the brand from Brittany well known among sailors.

A great protection for your black Handpresso Pump espresso machine, this bag is specially designed to keep your Handpresso Pump and your coffee dry!

Handpresso Pump is the first ever portable espresso machine launched in 2008 and designed in France. 

This manual espresso maker works like a bicycle pump to build up a 16-bar pressure so as to offer you a creamy espresso wherever you are.

Simple, light and sturdy , Handpresso Pump is the perfect machine for your holidays at sea or on the beach. 

The specificities of your portable espresso maker

  • Includes: 1 black Handpresso Pump, 1 yellow waterproof (7l) Guy Cotten bag 
  • Coffee: short and strong (50ml) espresso
  • Coffee format: E.S.E. * pods or ground coffee
  • Pressure: 16 bar (by pumping)
  • Hot water (90°C) required (thermo-flask or kettle)

What are the features of your manual espresso machine? 

The Handpresso Pump portable espresso maker is sold with its 2 portafilters, one for E.S.E. pods, the other for ground coffee. 

It requires no battery nor electricity, just perfect for those who care for the planet.

The manual espresso machine is also equipped with a manometer indicating when the 16-bar pressure has been reached.  

*Easy Serving Espresso, Italian pod format 

Type of coffeeEspresso 50 ml
Coffee formatE.S.E. pods or ground espresso coffee
Water reservoir capacity50 ml
Pressure16 bar
Size22 x 10 x 7 cm (machine)35 x 14,5 cm (bag)
Weight700 g
Warranty1 year
Contains1 Handpresso Pump and 1 yellow waterproof (7l) Guy Cotten bag
SubnameOcean Pack: Manual espresso machine

How to use the portable espresso maker Handpresso Pump black? 

1. Build up the pressure to 16 bar, with the pump, as with a bicycle pump.

2. Add hot water (from a thermos-insulated bottle or a kettle).

3. Put the espresso coffee of your choice and serve a good quality espresso.

4. Press the valve to extract your coffee and enjoy your espresso!

How long does it take to prepare a good espresso on-the-go ?

After around 30 strokes to build up the pressure and after having added hot water (95°C), you can release the pressure and drink an espresso with a perfect crema.

In less than a minute, your coffee is ready wherever you are, in the office, trekking or traveling.


What type of coffee to use with your portable coffee maker?

Your manual espresso machine uses E.S.E. espresso pods (stiff pods) or ground coffee.

Much smaller than Senseo pods, the E.S.E pods are also much stiffer.

The coffee inside the pods has been tamped, so it requires a 16-bar pressure to pass through the pod and create the nice crema, which characterizes a perfect espresso.

E.S.E. podsground coffee

Extra tips for a perfect use

- We advise you to preheat your cup with very hot water.

Fold the tab of the pod to ensure a perfect watertightness.

- To clean the portafilter of your manual espresso machine, just rinse it with tap water.

Read the tips to become an on-the-go barista with Handpresso Pump.

*Easy Serving Espresso, Italian pod format

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