Handpresso e-presso Plus

Portable espresso machine on battery


The new Handpresso portable coffee maker with battery. Recharges via USB.

110ml with heavy-duty battery

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What is Handpresso E-Presso +?

 Handpresso E-Presso + is the latest battery-powered portable coffee machine from Handpresso.

 Thanks to its large 110ml reservoir, this battery-powered portable coffee maker lets you make Lungos or Expressos.

Thanks to its long-lasting USB rechargeable battery, you can make 5 espressos (or 3 lungos) on a full charge*.

Lightweight and compact, it's perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or boating, as well as in the office or on a building site. The portable e-presso machine is also perfect for use in the car or camper van.

The Handpresso E-Presso + battery-powered coffee machine integrates perfectly into your vehicle's interior and cup holder, without the need for a 12V socket.

Easy to use, cordless, compact and fast, in 3 minutes 30 seconds this portable Nespresso®** coffee machine lets you enjoy an espresso or lungo (6 minutes) wherever you are.

It works with Nespresso capsules or ground coffee (for espresso), for a consistently hot, creamy coffee.

 Features of your battery-powered portable espresso machine

  •     Coffee: espresso, short or long (40-110ml)
  •     Nespresso®*-compatible capsules or ground coffee
  •     Pressure: 19 bars
  •     3-cell 2.9Ah Li-ion battery - cordless, recharges via USB
  •     Preparation time: 3 minutes 30 sec for a 50ml espresso

What's new in your battery-powered portable coffee machine?

The E-Presso + is the ideal travel coffee machine.

    With its large 110-ml reservoir, this portable coffee maker makes a perfect espresso in 3 minutes 30 seconds, or a lungo in 6 minutes.

    Truly nomadic, it can be taken anywhere, camping, traveling, boating and, of course, driving!

    The removable, high-capacity 3-cell 2900mAh battery recharges in 2.5 hours via the USB-C port (5V DC - 10W), eliminating the need for the cigarette-lighter socket.

And as always with Handpresso portable coffee machines, you can enjoy the quality of your favorite espresso wherever you want!

What type of coffee to use in your e-presso portable coffee maker?

Your battery-powered portable coffee maker works with all compatible Nespresso® and Nespresso® capsules, as well as ground coffee.

The choice is yours!

In the car, the Nespresso capsule is very practical, as it requires no cleaning and is easy to change.

At home, in the camper van or at the hotel, ground coffee is more ecological and less expensive.


The little extra tip for perfect use of your travel coffeemaker

By using your e-presso portable espresso machine with boiling water whenever possible, you'll conserve your battery and be able to make at least fifty coffees on a single charge!

Need help using your machine?

Handpresso customer service is here to help and guide you in using your machine.

Feel free to contact us at +33 1 64 70 10 20.



*expresso 50ml, water at 20°C

*Nespresso® is a brand owned by a third party with no connection to Handpresso SAS.

Type of coffeeEspresso 40 - 110 ml
Coffee formatNespresso®* compatible capsules or ground coffee
Water reservoir capacity110 ml
Pressure19 bar
Cycle3.5 minutes
Size9.5 * 9.5 * 30.5 cm
Weight720 g
VoltageBattery Li-ion
Power28 Wh
Warranty2 years
Contains1 Handpresso e-presso with cup, 1 charger 100-240V AC, 1 USB-A USB-C cable, 1 ground coffee adapter
SubnamePortable espresso machine on battery
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