Handpresso: the first travel coffee machine

The manual coffee machine in the limelight 

Handpresso Pump, the portable 100% manual espresso machine is featured in the French Women’s mag Femme Actuelle

"Who has ever dreamt of being able to prepare a good coffee wherever one is? Whether in the car, at the office or on a walk, this new machine will revolutionize your daily life!

The manual espresso machine outdoors

Are you tired of flavorless coffees on the highway? The Handpresso machine will change your life! Wherever you are, the portable coffee maker will allow you to prepare your favorite coffee at any time (provided you have hot water!) and give you the needed boost to continue your journey by car. 

Handpresso Pump is very handy and allows you to make an espresso in a few seconds. The machine can be used with ground coffee or pods and can be adapted to any situation thanks to all its accessories..."


Ideal for outdoor trips

The Handpresso Pump portable coffee machine has been designed to travel with you literally anywhere. You will stop wherever you want, hiking, in the mountains, on the beach or at sea, to drink a good espresso prepared at the very moment you want to have it.

Compact and robust, you can safely put it in your backpack. Similarly, the cups, which are unbreakable, are not fragile at all. You have the opportunity to climb Mount Everest, cycle in Mont Ventoux, race down ski slopes, cruise around the world or sail close to the coast on your sailboat, hike in the forest or have a picnic with the family...

The portable coffee maker at sea

Whatever your activity, your portable coffee maker will always be there to ensure a good coffee break with an espresso of the same quality as the coffee prepared at home with the domestic coffee maker.


The portable coffee maker for a moment of sharing 

Coffee breaks are always a good time we are waiting for and looking forward to. It will close your picnic or reward your efforts after a trek or after a sea trip. It will be even more appreciated if it is shared. The portable coffee maker is user-friendly. Yo build up the pressure, prepare a coffee and pass the manual espresso machine to your neighbour so that he can prepare his own coffee with the coffee of his choice.

A fun moment, it is also stylish, thanks to the accessories offered by Handpresso, including the Handpresso Pump set. It is a neat suitcase containing 4 unbreakable cups, a thermos-insulated bottle of the same color as the portable coffee maker itself.

The Handpresso Pump set


A slice of home wherever you go with the portable coffee maker 

All you need to have are standard espresso pods (7g stiff pods, well packed, in the Italian E.S.E. format) or ground coffee in the case designed to bring about 3 pods prepared in advance (ground coffee case) and hot water in a thermos-insulated bottle (unless you are having a campfire) to enjoy your espresso.

The espresso requires a 16-bar pressure. You reach this pressure manually as with a bicycle pump. It takes between 25 and 30 strokes. Then, pour 50 ml of hot water into the water reservoir and place the chosen coffee (pod or ground coffee). Turn the machine around and press the button to pour the coffee directly into the cup.

It is a wonderful sight to see the steaming coffee flow into the cup in the middle of nowhere. The sweet smell of coffee will make your fellow travelers want to prepare a quality espresso too.

Handpresso ANYWHERE, the brand's slogan meets its pledge and the article in Femme Actuelle shows it.



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