The Handpresso car espresso maker rated in the 10 best car accessories

Ranking of the best car accessories in Gagdet Pit

The website Gadgets Pit specialized in gadget accessories for the automotive world just ranked our 12V coffee maker among its top 10.

Listing in this article all the essential accessories in the car, Gadget Pit presents the Handpresso Auto as the perfect travel companion for baristas on their travels.

The 12V espresso maker for ground coffee or E.S.E. pods

Launched in 2015 and sold worldwide, this espresso machine presented in the article by Gadget Pit plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and accompanies motorists on all their journeys.

You can use coffee in pods (E.S.E. pods for percolator) available on our site or ground coffee for espresso (be careful, use a very fine grind to obtain a perfect crema!).

This 12V espresso coffee maker produces a perfect and creamy espresso in 2.5 minutes, much better than all the coffees served in motorway stations.

A 12V coffee maker very easy to use in the car

it couldn't be easier to make an espresso in your car!

1- To start, we advise you to stop in a safe place or in a petrol station, plug your machine into the 12V cigarette lighter socket (if your battery is not at its strongest, leave the motor on).

2- Pour cold water into the machine using the measuring glass provided (do not put too much water, a scale allows you to respect the recommended level) using the small filling indicators.

3- Put the E.S.E. pod of your choice or the ground coffee

4- Press the power button and wait for 3 beeps.

5- Flip your machine around, press the cup button and let your creamy espresso flow.

6- To finish, press the stop button

7- Enjoy a perfect espresso on the side of the road!

What are the special features of your 12v coffee maker for the car 

  • Coffee: short and strong (50ml) espresso
  • Coffee format : E.S.E.* pods or ground coffee
  • Pressure : 16 bar
  • Power supply: (12v) cigarette-lighter plug
  • Preparation time : 2 minutes

The + of this cigaret lighter coffee maker

Handpresso Auto allows you to save time: your espresso is prepared directly in your car or van, when you stop, wherever and whenever you want.

This 12v coffee maker is easy to use. All you have to do is connect the car coffee machine to the 12v cigaret lighter socket. In two minutes, your coffee is ready to enjoy.

The car coffee machine will save you money. You will enjoy a good coffee for the price of a soft pod. And considering the road you take every day and the number of coffees you swallow, the price of the 12v coffee machine will quickly pay for itself.

The portable coffeemaker for cigarette lighter is the essential element for your safety, it allows you to fight drowsy driving. No more need for a motorway station to enjoy your coffee, Handpresso Auto prepares the espresso that will give you the energy to continue your journey.

The 12 volt espresso machine uses environmentally friendly coffee formats: either ground coffee or standard espresso pods (E.S.E.) certified compostable. There is no environmental impact for these pods or ground coffee.

The portable coffee machine for cigarette lighter is also sold in a set, Handpresso Auto set, a nice accessory that eases the preparation (serves as a tray) and storage in your vehicle. And if you already have the machine, you can buy only the case, Handpresso Auto Case, including 2 unbreakable measuring glasses for a successful moment of sharing.

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