Handpresso and our outdoor partners

Freedom and mobility at the heart of the Handpresso concept 

The portable espresso concept, launched by Handpresso is based on freedom 

- to go where and when you want,

- to travel

- to experience the joys of the outdoors to boost yourself,

- to engage in any type of recreational or sports activity,

without giving up the pleasure of drinking a good espresso.


New outdoor coffee breaks

Coffee breaks that accompany your journey or reward an effort become chosen moments, which remain engraved in your memory, all the more if these coffee breaks are moments of sharingOnce you’ve prepared your espresso, you pass the manual espresso machine to others who bring it to a pressure of 16 bars, add hot water (from the thermos or kettle that has just been boiled on the camping stove or in the camper) and choose their favourite coffee (E.S.E. pods or ground coffee). A playful and gourmet moment in a good mood and a pleasant setting. wherever you are.

Portable coffee makers allow you to enjoy a good espresso outside your home and away from the café terrace, outdoors, wherever it has not been possible before: on the beach, in the mountains, climbing, on the ski slopes, under the stars...

Handpresso travels with  you in all outdoor activities 

Coffee outdoors can be enjoyed on the terrace or in the garden. In this case, the manual espresso machine is carried on a tray and everyone prepares its coffee under the beach umbrella or the palm tree. 

You can also make a stopover on your hike to get some quick energy with a good creamy espresso or to enjoy breakfast with a good hot espresso after a night in the tent or under the stars. 

While skiing, the coffee break will warm you up and give you the energy to hurtle down the hill again. After an effort by bike, you can stop in a beautiful clearing before crossing a new pass. At sea, the small travel coffee makers will always find their place on the sailboat and make the crew happy. 

But that's not all! After a hunting or fishing trip, for which we got up at dawn, it is vital to have a good espressso. Not to mention the rider who dreams of drinking a good espresso as soon as he gets off his horse…

Handpresso manual espresso machines (and why not 12v coffee makers) travel with you you to the end of the world, on land, at sea... and in the air!

Nothing stops Handpresso, not even the wildest dreams!

Handpresso partnerships with various outdoor players 

Small and compact, the Handpresso manual coffee machines can be used on sailing boats and other types of boats for coffee breaks in the open sea. Handpresso is distributed by Accastillage Diffusion and Uship.

New partnership with Caval'Go for the happiness of riders. Caval'Go organizes horseback riding trips that can be enhanced by good creamy coffees.

Campervan lovers will find their happiness with the manual espresso machine (water can be heated in the kitchen) or a 12v coffee maker can be connected to the cigarette lighter. The portable and 12V travel coffee makers can be found in the Euro Accessoires catalogue.


For Parisians dreaming of getting out into the country, the various Handpresso portable coffee makers are sold at Au Vieux Campeur with all the accessories necessary for a proper camping night


A breakfast including a real espresso served after a trip in a hot air balloon, this is what the Handpresso partnership with France Montgolfière allows in Ile de France



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