Our on-the-go coffee machines: a gift idea

Are you looking for an original and surprising gift, a premium quality item, which will make your trips and moments of sharing absolutely great? The range of portable and on-board machines and the beautiful selection of accessories are there for you. Travelers, sportsmen, backpackers or simply coffee aficionados are going to love Handpresso’s machines. 

Handpresso machines are perfect for people on-the-go

You've never seen anything like these on-the-go coffee machines! They will suit all people on-the-move who want to drink a perfect coffee wherever they are. Whether at sea, on holiday, camping, hiking or even at work, these portable coffee makers will travel with you to the end of the world.

The on-board machines meet the needs of car drivers

There is a wide range of coffee and espresso machines for the car. There is a machine that plugs into the cigarette lighter and fits into the cup holder for each coffee format: Handcoffee Auto for Senseo®* pods, Handpresso Auto for espresso pods (ESE) and ground coffee, and Handpresso Auto capsule for Nespresso®* capsules. They allow you to stop for a break in gorgeous surroundings while sipping a delicious coffee and to share the pleasure of a good coffee with your fellow travelers.

Design enthusiasts love the  Handpresso machines 

All Handpresso coffee makers are noticeable for their elegant, neat, and streamlined design. Whether manual or on-board, they are original and quality machines. Being robust, you will have them for years and they will offer you unforgettable coffee breaks. Handpresso Pump, the small 100% manual espresso machine, is young, pretty and colourful and watching the coffee flow into the cup is just amazing!


A must-have for all coffee lovers

Anxious to meet the needs of coffee aficionados from all over the world, Handpresso has extended its concept to coffee machines using the most popular formats: ground coffee, Senseo® pods, espresso pods (E.S.E.) - an Italian format - and Nespresso® capsules. The coffee they prepare is comparable to that served in the best cafés’. And you can drink it wherever you like!

Handpresso ANYWHERE!

*Senseo® and Nespresso® are third party trademarks and have no connection with Handpresso SAS

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