Compatible Nespresso®* Capsules

Why Choose Compatible Nespresso®* Capsules?

The capsule is currently the most popular single-serve coffee format. It has become a world reference; everyone knows them. At first, and for 20 years, only Nespresso® capsules had been available. But lately, more and more roasters are offering theirs.

You can find them everywhere (on the internet, in supermarkets and in dedicated shops) and in all countries of the world. And now, you can use themnot only  in the kitchen but also in your car, camper or boat thanks to the latest Handpresso coffee maker. Nice, isn’t it? 

In fact, our new Handpresso Auto Capsule, the new Nespresso® * car espresso machine, is the first 12/24v coffee machine designed for all Nespresso® and Nespresso® compatible espresso capsules.

Compatible Nespresso® Capsules* for the 12v coffee maker

There is a countless number of compatible Nespresso®* capsules. We have selected classic, single-origin or organic espresso capsules for Handpresso Auto Capsule, the 12v coffee maker.

Lugat, a French coffee roaster passionate about coffee

All Lugat coffees are roasted by hand in France by the Lugat Cafés roasting team with the following recurring themes: freshness and quality!

TARI MOUNTAIN Intensity: 3/5

This pure Arabica Tari Mountain coffee comes from the Papua New Guinea mountains near the Wahgi Valley. You will have a gourmet coffee with dried fruit and brown sugar notes. 


This sweet Arabica blend from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia, releases  aromatic almond and chocolate notes in the cup.


This coffee is an organic Ethiopian and Peruvian Arabica blend and offers a balanced coffee with aromatic citrus and chocolate notes.

Nespresso®* compatible Lobodis & Starbucks capsules

You can also choose single-origin, organic or fairtrade coffees (Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras) like Lobodis. And why not indulge in Starbucks® Fair Trade Coffee? It is quite tasty too!

Starbucks espresso capsules are made from the finest 100% Arabica coffees, produced and roasted according to ethical criteria. You can enjoy a perfect espresso produced by your  Nespresso® compatible 12v coffee maker.

STARBUCKS FAIRTRADE - Starbucks® dark roast. Fairtrade, very balanced, rich and caramel-flavoured 100% arabica ground coffee.

STARBUCKS BLONDE - Starbucks® blond roast.  This espresso is the sweetest and lightest Starbucks espresso. It is a blend of Latin American and East African coffees. It is To drink in the morning or for a nice coffee break at any time of the day.  

Lavazza capsules, the ultimate Italian roaster

LAVAZZA ARMONICO Intensity: 8/13

Launched on the Swiss market in 2017, the capsules compatible with Lavazza's Nespresso®* coffee makers also work with the 12v coffee maker, Handpresso Auto Capsule. These capsules are a blend of 100% Arabica coffees from Central and South America, giving rise to a round-mouthed espresso with generous body and bewitching roasted cereal notes. The light hazelnut, milk chocolate, almond and citrus aromas add to a perfect texture.  

Nespresso® * and Starbucks® are third-party brands unrelated to Handpresso SAS


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