Handpresso: An Invention worth its Weight in Gold on French TV

Handpresso Portable Coffee Machines in the Spotlight

Invited by the French TV channel M6 for the program devoted to innovation in France, Mon Invention vaut de l'or, Catherine introduced the company, its inventor and the new 12v Handpresso Auto Capsule espresso machine.

The broadcast took place on May 22, 2019 at 6:40 pm. To watch the clip on Handpresso, here is the link. Forward to 39 min.


Handpresso: an Invention that revolutionizes Everyday Life

Hundreds of inventors from all over France registered to participate in this new inventors' competition, but only 10% of the candidates were selected and met by the jury between January and April.

For Handpresso, it was composed of Erika Delattre, a trends specialist, and Jérôme Bonaldi, a science journalist specialized in tomorrow's items. The guest juror was Norbert Tarayre, well known to the public, who here was to play the part of the average Frenchman who gives a daily tester’s  personal opinion.


Discovery of the Car Coffee Maker

Catherine welcomed the trio to her pleasant booth arranged with garden tables, a hammock and plants to simulate an outdoor atmosphere.

It was for the jury the right time for a coffee break.

After demonstrating how the Handpresso Auto Capsule machine, ie the first espresso machine for cigarette lighter using compatible Nespresso® and Nespresso® capsules worked, the prepared espresso was tasted by Norbert Tarayre, a great coffee lover, who found it very good. He was very fond of the idea of being able to drive away without having to rely on vending machines.

Second Demonstration of the 12v Handpresso Coffee Maker

It was Jérôme Bonaldi's turn to prepare an espresso with Handpresso Auto Capsule. A moment of suspense! The journalist's handling of innovative machines is always surprising. Handpresso Auto Capsule resisted Jérôme's handling and the coffee in the cup was very beautiful. He was very pleased and pointed out that Handpresso had come a long way since the launch of the first portable espresso maker, Handpresso Pump.

Handpresso Pump is the travel, manual espresso machine that Handpresso presented to the public in January 2008, launching the portable coffee machine concept at the same time.


Top-of-the-Range Technology for the 12v Coffee Maker

Once the demos with Handpresso Auto Capsule were made, which seemed to satisfy the jury, Catherine had to defend herself against Erika. Erika made a face when she heard the price. The high-end technology at the heart of this elegant and high-performance car coffee machine was then mentioned.

OK, fine, but Erika came back to the point and said that well, we advocated the espresso ANYWHERE, wherever we wanted, but she had in front of her a machine that plugged into the cigarette lighter and therefore required electricity. However, when camping, in tents, there was no electricity !


A Turning-point thanks to the Portable Espresso Maker!

It was agreed with the production of the transmission that Catherine would only present the new "portable car nespresso®". But she felt that she had to react to Erika's comment! As a result, she decided to mention the Handpresso range and in particular the company's first portable coffee machine, Handpresso Pump.

Catherine took it out from under the table and actually played her trump card by presenting a genuine portable coffee maker, as Erika intended, making a very good espresso with a beautiful crema (noticed and appreciated right away), at the price she was expecting, namely below 100€.  Well done! Catherine finished the show by giving out her business cards, which proved that the jury had appreciated the invention and would consider it for the future.


The Story behind the Creation of Handpresso

Even if he was not a communication buff, it is obvious that Henrik Nielsen should have been on the set. He was the inventor of the 100% manual coffee machine, Handpresso Pump, and the first 12V coffee maker also using standard espresso paper pods, Handpresso Auto.

Life wanted it otherwise. It is Catherine and the whole team around her who represented him and who are living this great adventure for him.



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