The manual coffee maker : a must-have gear for travelling

14 baristas and coffee experts share how they pack their gear for travelling. Read Catherine Nielsen's interview by Mighty Goods here (She's the 14th). She tells you all what you'd like to know about her coffee habits 

Working in the very company, which has launched the concept of portable espresso, can you tell us what your coffee habits are ?

I've worked with the company for more than 10 years as Communications Manager. Handpresso launched the concept of espresso on-the-go as early as January 2008. The company was created by my late husband who was a true coffee lover and travelled a lot. Personally, I'm a heavy tea drinker but I really enjoy good Columbian coffee and drink at least one or two premium quality espressos a day.

How do you pack your coffee gear when on-the-go?

Handpresso on the road

As I like real espressos, I always bring along my Handpresso Pump. I could have chosen Handpresso's on-board machines for the car, but as I dont't drive a lot, I prefer the manual espresso machine. It has become a must-have like my cellphone or my book.

When I go away on weekends or travel to far away countries, I always have the full outdoor set with me. It contains the portable espresso machine but also the thermos-insulated bottle and 4 cups. Thus I have everything close to hand and prepare my coffee in amazing places. I always  fill my flask with hot water in the morning so as to drink good espressos wherever I am. As there are several cups in the set, I can share these coffee breaks  with my friends, amaze them and always have great memories of these moments.

What top 3 things related to coffee do you always bring...?

Coffee, (preferably single origin coffee), both quality pods or ground coffee so as to be able to prepare a tasty espresso wherever I am. As I like my coffee breaks to be moments of sharing, I always bring enough coffee, not only for myself but for my travel companions and those who'd like to try to use the machine!

My camera in order to take photos.

Biscuits, cake or fine chocolate to go with my espresso!

What are your top tips to other coffee lovers on-the-go?

Enjoy your holidays even more with great coffee breaks. Drinking quality coffee while traveling is so enjoyable! You've got enough time to appreciate and when you're used to quality at home, you won't do without it elsewhere!

Coffee break with Handpresso in Burma

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