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Sehen sie das Interview von Catherine Nielsen auf TV Finance

Hello Catherine Nielsen, you are Handpresso’s Chairman. You are here to introduce us to the product you sell, aimed at those who can't do without coffee, is that right?

Hello, yes, that's right. Handpresso has created the concept of portable espresso. Our manual and on-board coffee machines allow you to drink a good coffee wherever and whenever you want.

Where did the idea for this mini machine – come from?

Handpresso was created by Henrik Nielsen, a Danish engineer, PhD in innovation, who was a true coffee lover and wanted to be able to drink a good espresso while traveling for work or on holidays. He was my husband. Unfortunately, he passed away very unexpectedly in December 2011. The company continued with the team in place.

What do you offer today?

We now offer a wide range of portable coffee machines based on our patented technology. After the world's first manual espresso machine, launched in 2008, we were the first to put a 12v espresso machine on the market in 2012. Since then, on-board machines have become our growth area. New versions were released in 2015 and the latest one, Handpresso Auto Capsule, was launched in 2018.

Distribution of Handpresso manual & 12V coffee makers

Where are you distributed?

We are distributed by Internet Players (Amazon, Cdiscount, Vente privée...), Coffee machine specialists (MaxiCoffee, Darty/Fnac, Boulanger, Comptoirs Richard), Outdoor equipment specialists (Le Vieux Campeur, Trigano, Uship, Accastillage Diffusion, Nature&Découvertes), car accessory shops (Norauto, Newco)…

Not to mention our website

Do you sell abroad?

We have distributors in 50 countries and sell via our website (in 5 languages) worldwide.

Coffee market and Handpresso portable espresso maker target

How is the coffee market doing?

Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity after oil

Coffee is the 2nd drink after water

2.3 million cups drunk per minute worldwide. In Western Europe, coffee consumers represent 50% of the population.

Growing market (4 to 5% per year worldwide).

The high-pressure espresso system accounts for 45% of the market, single-serve coffee (capsules, pods) for 70% of this espresso market (70% of the 45%).

The trend is towards quality with a boom in full-automatic coffee makers.

Is it a BtoB or BtoC market?

Almost exclusively BtoC. We address the end consumer.

Prestigious partnerships with automotive manufacturers

Do you have partners in the automotive industry?

We are official suppliers of VW, AUDI, SEAT, Skoda, Nissan. As a result, we are featured in the catalogues of all VW and AUDI models

The door is open to new partnerships in the truck sector thanks to our 24V machines.

Portable 12-volt multi-drink coffee makers

What is the innovation you bring about?

The challenge is to be able to drink a good espresso where you've never been able to do it before. As it is a real espresso, you have to find the energy to heat the water and build 16 bar-pressure far from everything, and especially far from the kitchen. The main innovation was to create a new way of making coffee and a new user experience.

What about tea or chocolate drinkers?

We are first and foremost espresso and coffee specialists. Our 12v coffee makers can be adapted to the various coffee formats available on the market: standard espresso pods, soft pods, capsules and ground coffee. One of our coffee makers, Handcoffee Auto, for soft Senseo pods has an adapter (Multidrink kit) for preparing milk drinks, hot chocolates, tea...

What are the projects you have in mind for 2019?

Today Handpresso is the leader of car coffee makers. We are working on new, more versatile 12v coffee makers, the first of which is scheduled for 2020.

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