Regular coffee, tea or espresso?

Do you rather go for coffee or for tea? But why should we choose when so many studies highlight the benefits of both ? We can be fond of both, can’t we? Do you never have a morning tea on the coffee table and a coffee at noon? Here are my daily habits to keep fit all day. Just to give you some ideas!

A morning tea

Every single morning,  I drink a cup of tea at breakfast to quench my thirst after waking up. I take it with a bowl of fresh fruit. No nespresso®* tea capsule, no senseo®* tea pod, no tea machine. Just loose tea that I prepare with boiling water from my kettle. I often choose tea from the famous Mariages Frères teahouse but I also like other brands.

Then I go on with coffee

I drink coffee at 11 am to keep me going until lunch. Another at 2pm to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch and to share this nice break with colleagues. Here, espresso coffee is vital, especially when it is pure arabica coffee. Regular coffee, often prepared with senseo®* pods, has nothing to do with it. Feeling the aromas of the coffee beans, the smell of brewed coffee, sipping its unctuous foam, called crema, and keeping the body of the coffee in the mouth, that is what espresso coffee is all about. So, fancy a good coffee? Well…


But how do you prepare coffee?

With a coffee maker, of course! But not just any espresso machine. Why not with a manual or automatic espresso coffee machine using ese pods that are standard espresso pods in size and content?

The benefits of coffee / the virtues of tea

In the French national evening news of July 12th 2017, the benefits of coffee on health were clearly emphasized tF1-of-the-12-juillet.html. I also just read a report by Consoglobe on the virtues of black tea Many studies published on the web highlight the benefits of coffee and tea when you drink less than 4 cups a day. So tea or coffee? Both please;)


*Nespresso® and Senseo are third party trademarks and have no connection with Handpresso SAS


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