Coffee machine manufacturers

Coffee makers with closed system

Closed systems apply to espresso machines and coffee makers (for long coffees). The coffee used is pods and/or capsules of these brands. Pros: it's easy and straightforward, you know how and where to get this type of consumables.

For which brands?

This is the case of the senseo® coffee maker, which prepares an 80 to 110ml coffee with Senseo® or Senseo® compatible soft pods at a 2- bar pressure.

This is also the case of the Nespresso® coffee machine, which initially only used nespresso® pods, or rather capsules. It is now possible to buy nespresso® compatible capsules so as to serve a single 40ml espresso or a double 80ml shot at about 16 bar pressure.


Coffee makers with open system

Open systems apply to espresso machines and coffee makers (for long coffees). But here the choice of pods and capsules is free. Consumers choose the brand they like according to their taste or country (in many countries there are national pod brands. And in Italy, all brands offer ese pods!) Pros: there is a large choice of tastes and types of coffee, and also a large price range. Not bad!

For which brands?

This is the case of espresso machines and Handpresso coffee machines for which you choose the coffee bean or brand of pods you want to use. As long as they are ese coffee pods, you can choose fair trade or organic coffee pods or pods produced by Illy, Lavazza,Tassimo, Covim, Lucaffe ... You can even use ground coffee!

So what coffee percolator to choose?

I would say that it depends on consumer habits and the money you’re willing to spend. To each his coffee maker in a way! I personally use Handpresso’s manual espresso machine with a Lavazza coffee pod for my 11am coffee and Illy coffee for my after lunch coffee. What about you? Do you have the same coffee rituals around the coffee table?


*Nespresso® and Senseo® are third party trademarks and have no connection with Handpresso SAS

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