¿Qué tipo de café te gusta?

According to several French studies, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Tea fights for the second place. Especially among women. Coffee is drunk the world over, yet in very different ways. So much so that one could say: "Tell me what coffee you drink, I‘ll tell you who you are."

What is a long coffee?

It is a coffee of minimum 110ml. It is often drunk in the morning in coffee mugs or bowls, possibly with milk. It is prepared with a drip coffee maker, a coffee pot or even an electric kettle. The infusion is slow. Europe, Germany, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries are fond of this type of coffee. They drink loads, particularly the Swedes.

What is a short coffee?

It is an approx. 80ml coffee prepared at a 2-bar pressure with coffee machines or a piston coffee maker. This is a coffee very widespread in France.

What is an espresso coffee?

To prepare an espresso coffee, you need a fine grind and an espresso machine able to build 16 bar pressure! The espresso is served in small cups of about 40 ml. It is an Italian coffee. In Naples, they go for an even shorter espresso called "ristretto". No more than 20-25 ml prepared with an espresso machine or their famous bialetti coffee maker. Enough really to boost you!

So then, what's a good coffee?

Whether long or short, a good coffee is always a freshly brewed coffee drunk straight away. The thermo-insulated coffee percolator is over! What’s in now is to drink quality coffee at home as if you were in a good café.

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