La cápsula E.S.E. capsule no existe!

You will find it difficult to get hold of  E.S.E. capsules to use with your coffee maker… because they do not exist! And yet there are plenty of capsules! More and more and of all kinds: nespresso® capsule, nespresso® compatible capsule, dolce gusto capsule, tassimo capsule ... Perhaps it is rather a pod you are looking for?

Either you go for the capsule (like the nespresso® capsule)

There is of course the queen bee, the capsule nespresso®  that is used with the nespresso® coffee machine. It has given the pitch and its success has pushed the big roasters to create their own capsule. Each has a different format and name. There is no standard. When you buy an espresso machine from a specific brand, you have to use the corresponding capsule. That’s all!

Or you choose the E.S.E pod

E.S.E. stands for Easy Serving Espresso. This is an open standard that applies only to this coffee pod. It has very specific features:

• It is hard and contains 7g of a fine espresso grind.

• It is round, 55 mm in diameter.

• It is eco-friendly, made of compostable paper, which does not harm the environment.

• It is convenient and can be used in various coffee makers.

Many roasters brands offer E.S.E. pods.  It is intended for coffee machines using pods. This is the format used in Italy by all coffee brands.

So everything's clear now?

*Nespresso® is a third party trademark and has no connection with Handpresso SAS

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