El precio de las máquinas de café

If you want to buy a cheap coffee maker, the best is to read coffee machine reviews or use price comparison websites. But buying a coffee machine that offers the best value for money is more complicated. Prices vary a lot depending on the brand and features of the coffee machine. So which model should you choose? Focus on the coffee machine market.

Choose a prestigious brand

To get a JURA coffee machine, you must be willing to spend several thousand euros. In return, your machine will meet the requirements of fully automatic coffee makers and will be able to make hundreds of cups in a row without any impact on quality. They are sturdy and beautiful coffee percolators, which will last a lifetime!

Fond of the features of the machine?

Some coffee machines can take coffee beans, which they grind better than a coffee grinder. They can be programmed to measure out the coffee needed for a small cup or coffee mugs. Or froth milk for cappuccinos ... All these options make it easier to use them and have something for every taste!

Focus on material quality

Noble materials, such as aluminum, are more expensive than plastic. Because aluminum is a quality warrant in case of food use, and guarantees heat resistance and durability. As aluminum can also be recycled, it is eco-friendly. But all this has obviously an impact on the price level of a coffee maker.

Coffee quality in the cup

For a good espresso, for instance, you need a fine coffee grind, 16-bar pressure and hot water (more than 90°C). So if the espresso machine does not reach this pressure or heat the water as well as a kettle, the result in the cup will be disappointing. Quality has its price,  that’s no news!

Made in France!

By choosing to buy a product manufactured in France,  you somehow fight for employment. Some people are more willing to do so than others. Personally, I mainly perceive a French brand as a guarantee of quality. The guarantee of a unique know-how. And for a coffee machine that will be on your coffee table for years, it's worth it, isn’t it? So let’s forget cheap stovetop coffee makers!

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