• The Handpresso universe

    The Handpresso universe

    The traditional espresso machines offer quality espressos. Quality is something you get used to, you even end up not being able to do without it. Handpresso launched the portable espresso machine in order to make it possible to drink a quality espresso wherever you are.



    Never will your days be as pleasant.

  • Handpresso travels with you

    Handpresso travels with you

    Whether on holiday, on weekends, while trekking, at sea, in the car, or at home... 
Wherever you are... drink a premium quality espresso!

  • A whole range of innovative products

    A whole range of innovative products

    Handpresso: a whole range of products around the portable espresso: mobility, quality and simplicity go hand in hand.

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It is snowing high up!

It is snowing high up!

Don't forget to bring along your Handpresso Auto to drink a good and warm espresso on the ski slopes. Yes, this...
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Did your know it?

Did your know it?

The Handpresso Pump machine was selected in the BBC Travel Guide as a nice gift idea for the foodie traveller. Have...
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Handpresso… is the portable espresso…
And it’s a world of its own! With its portable espresso machines, Handpresso has coupled espresso quality to mobility. To make it possible now to drink a quality espresso wherever you are. 

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