Coffee types: coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee pods, coffee capsules

Choosing a coffee to your liking is the only difficulty there is. Store shelves are full of coffee presented in different ways: beans, ground coffee, pods and capsules.

Coffee beans

Coffee comes from a plant that gives coffee seeds. Initially, coffee beans are green. Only after roasting can the coffee beans be consumed. Roasters sell coffee beans to good coffee lovers, ie those who have a coffee grinder or a coffee maker with grinder. As far as taste is concerned, it’s the freshly ground coffee beans that release the greatest amount of mouthwatering aromas.

Ground coffee

Ground coffee is the next step. Either you grind it yourself or buy it ready made. It is used in a coffee maker with piston or a drip coffee machine for filter coffee amateurs. If you want short coffees or espressos, a fine grind is required. Ground coffee is also used in the famous Bialetti coffee makers to prepare Italian mochas. Or in programmable coffee makers to have single or double espressos.

Coffee pods

There are two types of pods:

-       soft pods for long coffees (Senseo or Senseo compatible pods) used in Senseo coffee machines.

-       hard pods, often called E.S.E. pods used in automatic espresso machines, or manual espresso machines like the Handpresso Pump. The latter makes it possible to prepare an espresso, extracted at a pressure of 16 bars. Many coffee brands make pods. There is organic or fair trade coffee, pure arabica, robusta-arabica blends or decaffeinated coffee. Personally, I use pods. I find them good (I only use 100% Arabica pods), super easy to use, with good value for money. And eco-friendly too!

Coffee capsules

They are top of the list. Due to Nespresso®’s influence, capsules have become popular (and exclusive). They are used in dedicated espresso machines, the automatic and often programmable Nespresso® machines. They can also be used in the car with the Handpresso Auto Capsule. They prepare single or double shots. Up to you to decide. The Nespresso® (or Nespresso® compatible) capsule is the best known. But all the major Italian roasters or roasters from other countries follow the tide and offer their capsules too. 

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