Great buzz on coffee to go in the internet

Great buzz on coffee to go in the internet

Since September 1st 2016, that is to say, in the course of 8 days, almost 11 million people have seen  Handpresso, the espresso machine manufacturer online. Two very cool videos are behind this buzz, one posted in the US on INSIDER (Business Insider Insider picks), the other in France among the famous Minutebuzz videos.

Let’s remind you that:

Handpresso is the leader of the coffee to go, designing both portable espresso machines and 12V coffee and espresso machines. The company offers a wide range of machines and accessories to make sure that the coffee break is always a success wherever you are: in the mountains, while hiking, camping or sailing, in the car, for leisure or work, outdoors as well as indoors.

To be more specific about Handpresso’s range: backpackers will choose the Handpresso Pump, the Original, the first handheld espresso maker launched by the company. This handheld espresso machine comes in several colors. There is a black, a white and a silver version beside three Handpresso Pump POP, in pink, sky blue and apple green. The Handpresso Pump can be bought on its own or in its bag (Handpresso Pump set), which also includes the thermos-insulated bottle and 4 unbreakable cups. The accessories to make this coffee moment even more enjoyable are numerous: the intense portafilter for a short espresso, the tamper and the ground coffee case.

For drivers who drive for business or leisure, Handpresso offers the Handpresso Auto and Handcoffee Auto machines. With these 12V coffee or espresso machines for the car, they can prepare a tasty espresso or coffee in their vehicle. The machine, which is plugged into the cigaret-lighter, heats the water and builds up the pressure, thus enabling them to stop and drink their coffee wherever they like.

Innovation is Handpresso’s core business. Handpresso continues to extend its range of manual or electric coffee machines and cover the very different habits related to coffee consumption in the world. Follow Handpresso on or on the social network like Facebook to be informed about new products or current offers.

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